The four pillars
of distinction

On time Delivery

Trusine is the company which has capability of delivering products/solutions of any configuration on time, even if the quantity ordered is huge. Trusine offers guaranteed peace of mind with on time delivery of quality product with assured after sale support.

Quality Assurance

Trusine pride itself by manufacturing products with superior quality matching customers expectations. Transformers and power equipment’s manufactured at Trusine are result of in-depth R&D and applied technological advancement. Every Trusine product is in an adherence to the high quality benchmarks.

Committed Team

The foundation of Trusine success relies on a team, whose talent and dedication helps company compete in the global market. Team Trusine is consists of best talent and the corporate culture at Trusine helps every person to excel which in return helps clients to get superior service every time.

Decades of Experience

From its inception in 1991 as a small electronic equipment and transformers manufacturing company, Trusine has now grown to become one of the leading transformers manufacturing company around. Two decades of rich legacy is the result of consist commitment to produce products matching high quality standards. Now Trusine also diversify business in renewal power sector as well.
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